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Forex Megadroid Trading Robot Reveals 95.82% Accuracy In
EVERY SINGLE Market Condition!

Reviews and Tested By Real Megadroid Users

Looking for a Forex MegaDroid review? You have come to the right place. We have gotten our hands on this red hot product, taken it apart, and tested it out. Does MegaDroid live up to the hype? Or is it simply a Forex robot scam? You will find out below. Forex Megadroid was released on March 31st of 2009. The product was created by Forex trading legends Albert Perrie and John Grace. They have based the software on the types of strategies they have used to make a fortune over their 40 years of experience in the market.

If you are into forex robots you probably know why you read a review on Forex MegaDroid, because it's currently considered to be the most efficient, accurate forex robot you can possibly get. It's just different, read on the review to find out why:

New Artificial Intelligence advancements made it possible for MegaDroid robot to see into the near future with 95.82% accuracy and trade profitably with CONSISTENCY.

Forex MegaDroid is the first robot in the market with RCTPA Trading Technology, new artificial intelligence makes it the first Forex robot able to trade profitably in any market conditions..

1. It is a robot so you don't have to watch the trading all day long.  You can have it setup and walk away.

2. Its not expensive just $97 so it won't be out of reach of traders. (Honestly if you can't afford $97 you don't have a big enough account to trade forex anyway!)

3. They have a 5 minute setup pledge.  They say it only takes 5 minutes to download and install the robot. It was quite easy if you like to read stuff etc.. You might take a little longer or if you are new to meta trader 4 brokers may take you a little longer but too long at all. Quite easy to setup.

4. Only trades the EUR/USD. For some people that is probably a drawback.  I kind of like it.  The reason its a very stable and well traded pair.  So the spreads are very low no matter what broker you use.

5. It is a clickbank product so it has a 60 day money back guarantee. If its not making you money just send an email to clickbank and they will refund your money.

Forex MegaDroid RCTPA technology can offer now a different new approach to forex trading, forecasting trades instead of analysing old data and "guessing" profitable trades, is that what you are after?

It's the revolutionary RCTPA technology in Forex MegaDroid, no other forex robots in the market offers such benefit. See more on Easy Forex Strategies

MegaDroid Vs.
FAP Turbo


Technologically Superior with its US Patented RCTPA Technology, making it able to predict with advanced accuracy of up to 99%.

Featured by top Forex Trading brokers, seen on CNN, CNBC, Forex Online, Money Traders


One of the first Forex Trading Robots to hit the Market. Back then, a 75% Accuracy Prediction was considered a fantastic Feat.

Advancement to the program has come to a halt. Programmers are no longer actively working on this. Sold as-is basis.

In Summary

Yes, tonnes of other people are talking about FAP Turbo as well. Yes both are automated Forex Trading robots, but the fact that FAP Turbo came out earlier is the probably cause of its fame. MegaDroid came out a bit later, it has not been commercialized that much yet, but with its new RCTPA technology Patent, MegaDroid Forex Trading robot is by far the superior Forex trading robot. Scores of Professional Forex Traders has switched over to MegaDroid as the patented RCTPA technology offers stronger prediction accuracy!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned PRO, MegaDroid will be able to suit your needs as it is fully automated, and takes a very short time to master. The core component is its Patented RCTPA Technology, which is one of its kind in the market.

Megadroid has been featured on various fronts, including:
CNN Money, CNBC, Money Networks, Bloomberg and scores of other Financial Magazines and Programs.

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Megadroid has been featured on various fronts, including:
CNN Money, CNBC, Money Networks, Bloomberg and scores of other Financial Magazines and Programs.




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